A failed use case

Recently I noticed that my friends stopped sending pictures to me by email or putting them on photo sharing web sites for me to see. Instead they were putting them all on Facebook and having a jolly good time there without me. So I joined Facebook, reluctantly, I made the friends I already had all over again in digital form and was often left wondering why people I never met were willing to become my friends. I could finally dig in everybody’s photographic treasures in order to find pictures of myself. Very quickly I found out that I could not search the albums of my friends by keyword in order to see all the pictures of a particular event taken by everybody (and I am not talking about a Facebook ‘event’). I could see pictures of myself, but only if other people were so kind to tag me. I could also see all my friends’ photo albums thrown together on one page, but not quickly isolate the ones I was interested in. So I wandered through the albums, seeing my friend’s pics of their friends, babies, holidays and sweethearts, reading comments and leaving comments behind – in short, experiencing exactly what Facebook was meant to be: a pile of delightfully useless stuff.

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