Here comes the hug

In this post I once wrote about the tool Wufoo and the role of humor in web interfaces. I just read that Jackob Nielsen has named Wufoo one of the 10 best application UIs of 2008. It is a well-deserved award. Besides an easy-to-go feel created by the informal language, Wufoo is a very user-friendly tool. In their announcement of the award Wufoo remains true to itself: in the ‘Leave a Reply’ form there is a default entry saying:

2 commentaires pour “Here comes the hug”

  1. Ergonomie & Kantoorinrichting dit :

    Nice images, where did you get them? There’re lovely


  2. r4ds dit :

    Yeah Ergnomie & Kantoorinrichting, I also like those pictures :) .