No more numbers, please!

After living in 3 different countries I currently have 3 bank accounts and 3 bank cards, each with its own PIN number. Once I needed a substantial amount of money in cash and was standing in front of a cash machine ready to accept any of my cards. However, the French bank was refusing to issue me any more money because I had reached the weekly withdrawal limit. Trying my German account I realized too late that I was making a consequent mistake in the PIN, so after 3 attempts my card was blocked. As for my Dutch bank account, I have not used that card for 2 years and the PIN code had irretrievably sunk into oblivion.

So there I was, with my 3 bank accounts and enough money, and no possibility to withdraw a cent.

This is when you find yourself wishing for advanced technology, which would examine your iris, analyze your genetic code, scan your brain, listen to your voice, take your finger imprint, ask the maiden name of your mother and the cat you had at the age of fourteen – anything, as long as you don’t have to go around remembering numbers. This is when you wish for a ‘forgot your password?’ button on the cash machine.

Only mathematicians and autistic people love numbers! We ordinary humans are quite hopeless with numbers! There is a tribe in Amazon region who never had and still refuses to have a notion of numbers! Why are we forced to identify ourselves time after time by what we most easily forget?

Fortunately, in France they still have that strange old-fashioned way of writing out a check.

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