Sitting on the Google tree

Always criticized for its too minimalistic visual design, Google Mail now comes with a set of new themes offering the world the delights of colors, images and fashionable graphical effects. The ‘main’ and ‘classical’ themes come in a variety of pallettes very much resembling the ‘old’ Mail, but with much lighter colors. Next to this there are some ‘special’ themes, like the ‘Tree’.

There are theme for girls (Candy) and boys (Ninja). There are themes reminding the office worker (or the home worker) of holidays (sun, see, beach, mountains and so on). The theme I have chosen is called ‘The little Tea House’.

After looking carefully in different themes I must say that I find the contrast very low. In the ‘old’ Google Mail the distinction between read and unread messages was so high, you could see that you had new mail from across the room. You can hardly do that now, the difference being almost invisible in practically every theme. The selected items are much harder to distinguish than in the ‘classical’ theme.

A theme usually lasts a short time with me, before I switch back to the ‘normal’ template. Let’s see how long I will hold it out in my little tea house. Meanwhile I am waiting for the themes for my Google Calendar.


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