The importance of getting through the front door

One thing by which you can recognize a true Parisian: he is very quickly annoyed.

To go to work I take a small electrical bus called the Montmartrobus. You are supposed to get in through the front door, swipe your pass or ticket and exit through the back door. This morning an old lady came in through the back door, as other passengers were getting out.
‘Sorry’, she said to the driver, showing him her pass, ‘I got in through the other door.’

The driver was a true Parisian. He got immediately thoroughly annoyed.

‘You see?’ he exclaimed. ‘This is what I mean! You are supposed to get in through the front door, not the back door! This way the counters can register how many people are boarding this bus! If everybody just walks in through the back door the people back in the office will think there are too few passengers and they will give you less and less buses! I am not worried about myself, I will not be out of work, but YOU, you soon will be out of buses!’

‘I am very sorry’, said the old lady. ‘I will not do it again.’

But the driver was passionate about the future of public transportation. ‘Yes!’ he said. ‘You will be sorry when you have no buses and it will be all your fault! Not just for you, for everybody!’
‘I said I was sorry’, said the old lady, getting out at the next stop.

And the interaction designer in the back of the bus thought that she just had seen a very interesting use case.

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