The unbearable slowness of being

I always wondered why computers become slow when they age. A car does not start running slower when becoming an old-timer, does it? At least not slower than it used to run? The tumble in a washing machine breaks down, but does not tumble at lesser speed? And what if your refrigerator started taking its time to cool your food? So, logically, it should not be the aging hardware that makes computers slower, but the outside world becoming too fast.
All that stuff streaming in endlessly through internet, updates, installs and security packs becomes bigger, faster, better. All that stuff that we pile up in their limited memories. Sometimes my computer (3,5 years old) would just doze off, forget to compute, start rattling loudly without any progress, the cursor frozen or disappearing altogether. It becomes increasingly more difficult to even open a browser page. Wake up from sleep mode? I can go out and have another coffee before my computer finally has rubbed the sleep from his eyes and remembers to ask my password. Switching from one program to another – what, just like that, hold your horses, lady, weren’t you writing a letter or something, suddenly you want to check your email you checked 3,2 minutes ago, just go read another chapter of your book, while I pull myself together here… and those videos you always want to play, my-my, they are way too large and all that YouTube stuff, honestly, do we need so much moving?
When I think ‘Let me quickly do this…’ my computer abruptly falls back into his rattling stupor, so taken aback by my demand that he becomes unable to do even the smallest of tasks. It is his way to protest against the world, which is quickly outgrowing him.
I probably need to buy a new computer to keep up with the world and my own requirements. But something in me just keeps protesting the dominating notion of economical progress, in which everything always needs to becomes faster and bigger (or much smaller, but better). Protests our own incapacity to deal with slowness. To accept deficiency, from anybody or any Thing. Our eagerness to throw away.
So instead I read another chapter of my book.

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