What you find is what you see

A while ago I wrote a post on different search engines and different ways to represent search results, different being non-Google. Here is another fine example, using the currently-very-in-vogue Coverflow visualisation: Searchme. You can browse through the visuals of the websites without clicking on them and returning to the results list: at least one click less per result and a much better overview!

The speed and fluency of the images are quite impressive. Besides, the search key word is indicated on each page.


3 commentaires pour “What you find is what you see”

  1. Vivien Gauthier dit :

    A noter, une autre initiative allant dans le même sens : http://www.viewzi.com

  2. c_a dit :

    Interessant mais pas super efficace…

    PS: attention au lien ;)

  3. Vero Toumanova dit :

    Merci, Cyrille. J’ai modifié le lien.