Your 10 minutes of fame

Why not 15 anymore? Because this is how long your video is allowed to be on YouTube.

Anyone who has ever uploaded videos to this online community site was curious about its audience. Who was watching, why, how many times? Now, there is now a answer to this question, at least, a partial answer. Today YouTube released a new feature hidden under the button About this video in Managing my videos: a doorway to the fascinating world of statistics.

For each of your videos you can see the viewing curve in time and, most interesting, in which countries it was viewed.

In the following example my video was ardently viewed in Europe, USA and Argentina, but most of all in France.
Video viewing statisticsCountries

The statistical widgets are elaborate and user-friendly, with a high degree of interactivity. So, for example, you can zoom in on a certain region, or a certain time period.
The tab ‘Popularity’ shows you the same kind of visualization, but there it turns out that my video was more popular in Russia than in USA, clearly the opposite of the viewing statistics.
Popularity countries

I though that this did not make sense, but YouTube says that the popularity curve shows how popular the videos are ‘relative to all videos in that market’. They do not explain what ‘that market’ means. YouTube is a community site and as any community site it is a huge pile of mostly useless stuff. This is its purpose, character and charm. It is filled with home-made bloopers, bad jokes, amateur footages, look-at-my-funny-cat movies, copies of television series, movie fragments, porn and any other kind of stuff imaginable – like the video of me dancing Argentinean tango. The word ‘market’ rings a dark tone.

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