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More things to do with photos online

Jeudi 1 octobre 2009

A while ago I have written about Panoramio, a vast collection of photos pinned to places on the Google map and allowing to explore those places in static images. Now I have come across another service trying to achieve more or less the same goal: to describe the beauty of our world in high-quality photos. It is called Fotopedia and it offers more than just browsing geographical places. It is an attempt to actually document a place and give some insightful information on what the viewer is looking at. Nevertheless, geographical location is only one of the search criteria. You can also view all the animal photos, nature photos and so on. As far as I could see the visual material comes from Flickr and some of its content from Wikipedia, but Fotopedia also features a community of contributing users. And as in any open “something-pedia” the viewer can join the service to add and edit its content.

What I particularly like about Fotopedia (besides the quality photos, of course) it is its clean and well-balanced design. It is not an easy task to create a visual environment for content that is already visually extremely rich. I think Fotopedia does it well.

Home page:


Search page with various criteria:encyclo

Topic page:


A nicely designed rollover on a photo, voting and browsing integrated:

rolloverCommunity page:


The design is clean and consistent down to the smallest details. However, this button made me wonder about the decision to put « Click here » as button caption instead of, say, « Add photos ».


Concept d’interface en réalité augmentée par Nokia…

Jeudi 1 octobre 2009

… avec une approche ergonomique plutôt intéressante et un design graphique épuré auquel je suis toujours très sensible.