Do I really want my phone to be smart?

My mobile phone (a compact, nicely designed, easy to handle Nokia) makes really shitty photos. It makes excellent phone calls, though, which I cannot say of my photo camera.
Our phones have been getting smarter and smarter in these past years. Taking pictures and videos, surfing the net, recording our friend’s addresses and our appointments, synchronizing our real lives with our lives on Twitter, Facebook etc., our phones are rapidly becoming all-in-one devices. In an earlier post The future of mobile phones? It’s South Korea I have written about the mobile phones becoming an almost exclusive mean of payment for various transactions. This is simple, user-friendly and it seems people would be more likely to forget their wallet at home than their mobile phone.
And what happens when a device is involved in (online) financial transactions? Right. Somebody tries to hack into it and steal your data.
This article describes a somewhat frightening scenario of a potential iPhone botnet. Our PC’s have been a target for a long time already and now it is the turn of our mobile phones.


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