Mobile phones more important than coffee, or how to impress an Italian

A Yahoo survey conducted in Italy shows that cellphone (affectionately called « telefonino » in Italian), internet and e-mail are nowadays more important to Italians than coffee. 43% of Italians would not accept to live without a cellphone, against 24% who would not accept to live without coffee. 61% of Italians say to feel lost without a cellphone when traveling.
Having recently traveled to Sicily and back I could witness this mobile phone addiction of Italians. What is the first thing any person does after the airplane touches ground and the « fasten seat belt » lights go off? Correct, switch on his or her mobile phone. As I was waiting in the ail to go to the exit, with my mobile in my hand, I looked around me and saw an Italian women get not one, not two, but three different mobile phones from her purse. She switched them on one by one and then checked the messages and the missed calls – one by one. I turned to my left and saw an Italian man holding not one, not two, but three cellphones (all different, of course), which he was switching on and checking one by one. The guy next to him was not quite as advanced: he was looking only at two cellphones and feeling no doubt suddenly inferior to his neighbor. But definitely superior to me.

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