Soon the world will be just one big googlemap

I love the little yellow man on Google maps, navigating my favorite city, in which I also happen to live, among photographic images. I can show my house to my mom, who lives far away, and say: look, I am on the sixth floor, and this is my window. Some kind soul took the pictures and Google assembled them rather seamlessly. Paris is one of the cities mapped this way completely. When last week a friend called to consult me whether she should take a certain rental apartment, I let the little yellow man jump to the number on the street that she gave me, had a look around, glanced up and down the building she would be living in, looked how close she was to some points of interest and said: yes, you should.
I love Google maps. I make maps for my friends with pins popping up useful information about things in any location to which we would be traveling together. It’s not Google Maps for me anymore, it’s a googlemap, a tool so useful, it becomes a term in itself. But so far it is limited to my computer’s screen. I am yet not one of the 10% of world’s mobile phone users who, according to this article in New York Times, use navigational tools on their phones.
The article explores new trends and opportunities of the future use of maps on mobile phones. It describes scenarios on how you would be able to see a friend dining just two blocks away, or simply orienting yourself when emerging from a metro station you have never been to before. You would hold up your mobile to an urban landscape and see an enhanced image of it – together with the information about the real things in front of you. Because, you see, it would not only be the maps. When you arrive in a foreign country your phone would tell you the way to the airport shuttle service and how to pronounce « One ticket to downtown » in Italian. It will become your very own pocket googlemap.

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