Tabbee or not tabbee

Orange is introducing Tabbee, a multimedia tablet for « everywhere around the house and all the members of your family. » It has a 800×600 touchscreen and looks a little bit like a Macintosh display reduced to small size. Reading the text on the introduction website made me wonder about the underlying use scenarios.
The tablet can be carried around in your house and gives access « at any moment » to a range of information services, internet included. How often do we have the urge to consult the weather or our calendar while walking around our house? And even if you decide to walk around your house carrying the tablet wouldn’t you sit down to surf the net? And is a 800×600 screen then not somewhat on a small side for viewing websites?
The tablet can connect to your PC by wi-fi (so you DO still own a PC), on which you find your own stuff. I am not sure the tablet can store any stuff by itself and if not, it becomes an expensive PC remote viewer. Why then not carry around your laptop if your want to watch a movie quietly in your room?
The site does mention one believable use case, however: having the internet recipe before your eyes in the kitchen. Now there, I say, Orange did their user research well. You see, an average kitchen in Paris wouldn’t fit you AND your computer at once. It hardly fits you AND your kitchen equipment at once and you have to be truly creative in using the space. But then you would want to hang the tablet on the wall, because the wall is the only place left. In my kitchen, anyway.


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