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Culture Web 2.0

Jeudi 26 août 2010

Every time I feel like taking advantage of Paris rich cultural life I am confronted with information websites that do not satisfy my needs, are not easy to search or do not show the kind of information I want to see. Now it seems that I have found a website quite answering my needs: It has a strong Web 2.0 flavor, a clear layout with large user-friendly typography, enticing visual design and, most of all, simple and effective search. Sometimes the design seems almost too « friendly », with huge typeface and a lot of white space, giving an impression of being still « under development ». But it is definitely a good start… of my cultural weekend.

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Home page

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People’s internet: the case of Russian forest fires

Vendredi 20 août 2010

Russia is not China and it is not Iran: although the freedom of speech in mass media is restricted and the media itself is rigorously controlled, Russia is officially still a democracy. This means the country cannot block the access to community websites when a problem arises, which means that the citizens will protest or take action when the government fails to.
The past few weeks Russia has experienced a severe heat wave, causing its vast forests to burn. Whole villages were annihilated and Moscow itself disappeared for days behind a heavy smoke curtain. Already in the beginning of the calamities it turned out that the authorities were not capable to protect the forests and the people adequately. So, after the first protests, the people started organizing themselves.
Online communities were created to coordinate volunteer efforts: to extinguish the fires, to help the professional fire fighters and those who have lost their homes. This movement was lead by several bloggers. Thanks to « livejournals« , popular in Russia, many Moscovites, sick of inhaling smoke, went to fight the fires themselves or started collecting money, clothing and equipment. All these efforts were coordinated through blogs, Facebook and Twitter, with detailed reports and maps.
Besides getting the situation under control this citizen initiative also has another, more long term result: proving where and how the government failed. Those responsible will have a hard time avoiding it. fires

Tactile : Glossaire des différentes gestuelles existentes

Mardi 3 août 2010


Pour tout ceux qui travaillent dans le domaine du tactile, ou rencontrent quelques difficultés à comprendre et décrypter toutes les gestuelles déjà existentes (entre le pinch, le spread et le splay), Luke Wroblewski publit sur son site un guide particulièrement intéressant compilant un grand nombre d’interactions rencontrées sur les différents supports existants : Magic Mouse, iPhone, Android, Windows 7 Phone, Table surface, etc…

Outre ce pdf disponible ici, il site évoque notamment les recommendations sur la taille des zones actives selon les différentes guidelines (Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, etc…).