Green – or should I say white? – Web Design

Until a few years ago I had this naive notion of « everything digital being clean and green », meaning environmentally friendly. Sending an email instead of a letter, reading from the screen instead of wasting paper. This notion persisted until during I was told how much it costs to produce one computer, in terms of energy and waste. Recently new information has been emerging, such as the impact of internet surfing on the environment. All those Tweets and Facebook statuses, but somewhere those servers have to keep pumping.
As you can read in this Mashable article, « IT industry generates about 2% of the world’s CO2 emissions ». What can you do as a professional working in the digital domain? Actually, several things, detailed in that same article. Although they are mostly reduced to some form of donation or contribution, there are also some interesting practical insights. Such as, for instance, that LCD screens use more energy when having to display dark colors, making websites with a lot of white space environmentally friendlier. Or such a simple thing as reducing the page loading time, therefore using up less resources. No doubt this designer’s blog, remarkably minimalist, is a good example:


The day is not far that websites, too, will get their « eco » label, which in its turn might spur a new direction in web design.


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