Traveling in space? Done it. Traveling in time next.

A while ago I have written about a Web service called Panoramio, allowing you to virtually visit the places on Earth by attaching user photographs to particular coordinates.
Google Streetview is an even more advanced way of virtually walking through places, except that not every place is so well documented as we would like it to be. But it definitely has an enchanting effect when, before traveling to some place you can actually see the building in which you are going to stay, up close, and even « walk » around it.
Now here is an online community, which not only collects photographs and pins them to a particular spot, but actually collects photographs of that place in the past. This is a Russian website called « Old Photographs of Moscow« . It uses a Google map and a community of passionate photo collectors who try to recreate the days bygone of their city. For each place, to which photographs are attached, the user can see them chronologically (« earlier » and « later » photos).
Moscow-photos Now I am waiting for a service, in which you could not only « walk » through a street in an unfamiliar city but actually travel back in the history of that same street. Wouldn’t that be something. For instance, a certain place in old Moscow would look like this:


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