Spokeo: new trend in internet privacy

Find a person on Spokeo (USA residents only for now) and you might immediately learn his/her age, relationship status, family situation and family members, how their house looks like and… how much it costs. For free. If you decide to pay, the website promises to let you know much more about this person: his virtual social life, income, hobbies, pictures and so on. With all our information being dispersed everywhere on the internet there comes inevitably a point that someone connects the pieces together and your profile comes alive, in all its detail.

You can see this as a threat to your privacy or you can find it a logical and in a couple of years probably perfectly acceptable development. What is slightly disturbing is that your profile is there by default. You can remove it, if you don’t want it to be seen. For now you can do it for free. The information is also said to be largely inaccurate. For now…

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