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DPPI09 #1: Design for [every]one

Mardi 20 octobre 2009

Last week I have participated in the DPPI09 (Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces) conference held at the Technical University of Compiègne. Here is the first post capturing my impressions from what I have seen at the conference.

« Design for [every]one » is a project from the University College of West-Flanders (Belgium) on designing assistive technology for various human disabilities. It is an « ergonomic design process appropriate for the assistive technology sector », but its creators argued that design in general has come to a point in time where the designer should no longer deliver the final product, but rather a system, a building block or a framework, which can be further adapted by the user (or for the user) based on very individual needs. By doing this designing a product becomes an iterative process involving the product’s actual use.


For a very long time throughout human history products were actually always tailor-made for each individual user. It is only with mass production that the manufacturers, and the designers along, started to create final « fit-for-all » serial products to which the users have to adapt themselves.

On the website you will find several interesting examples of highly personalised products created for people with disabilities. And in this section further articles on items such as artificial legs for an athletic runner, known as « Blade Runner », which allow him to run so fast that he actually has to be excluded from competitions with « able » people.