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Concept d’interface en réalité augmentée par Nokia…

Jeudi 1 octobre 2009

… avec une approche ergonomique plutôt intéressante et un design graphique épuré auquel je suis toujours très sensible.

Exploring the possibilities of augmented reality

Mardi 8 septembre 2009

Augmented reality should not be constrained to putting transparent labels on the objects you see through your phone, nor to actually yourself being the only viewpoint. Techcrunch reports on several new ways of applying augmented reality: panoramic and bird’s eye-zooming.

Augmented reality – but for whom?

Mercredi 15 juillet 2009

A Dutch startup Layar is introducing the « world’s first mobile augmented reality browser ». In this video you can see what this browser will do (for Android and HTC phones). Layar’s initiative is a product of collaboration between several partners, known as content providers, among them a real-estate firm, an insurance company and a bank. When you browse your augmented reality you are therefore informed on houses for sale and rent, ATM machines in the neighborhood (of the bank in question) and… well, insurance company offices. In Amsterdam, on an ordinary day, when cycling along a canal on your typically Dutch « grandma bicycle » one of the things you might want to know about the reality around you is indeed the closest place to have a health insurance.
This brings to mind the following question. If this is to be the future model for augmented reality, it will mean that the reality will not only be augmented by information on your surroundings but also by a very substantial amount of advertisement. Does this really make such a browser attractive?
This said, finding a place to live in the small and over-populated city of Amsterdam is a difficult task and an augmented reality browser allowing you to see the available property right along your daily cycling route might just be THE killer application.
Read more (in French): Réalité augmentée, le nouvel eldorado des smartphones, by Fred Cavazza