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The feel-good interface

Jeudi 6 janvier 2011

After passing the security control at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam), I stumbled upon this interesting device.

The figures in large font are the cumulative rating the airport visitors give the security procedure they just have been through. The rating is done with a delightfully simple touchscreen interface:

Caption reads « Please rate the speed at security »
This device left me wondering about its true function. Of course, the obvious one is to gather feedback from the travelers on how quick the security control is working. But in an already very optimized process and with the current amount of security regulations is there really so much to be improved? So what is the meaning behind this little console? I believe it is « relief ». After you have spent time in a long queue, has been told to remove all your belongings and shoes, forced to expose your luggage and probably hand-searched as well, this interface is like your own little personal revenge. So that you walk away satisfied.