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DPPI09 #2: Motivating desirable lifestyle

Vendredi 23 octobre 2009

During the DPPI09 conference Tatsuo Nakajima from Waseda University in Japan showed several prototypes of computer systems encouraging a healthier and more responsible lifestyle. One of the prototypes was a virtual aquiarium installed in the bathroom and reflecting the user’s tooth-brushing behavior. Japanese are fond of designing electronic pets and they love making them highly dependent on the owner’s care. The more you brush your teeth, the more your aquarium thrives. The less you do it, the more your fish is undernourished and your aquarium filthy.

Why not just have a representation of the user’s mouth and teeth reflect the tooth-brushing behavior, one would ask? Surely that must be highly encouraging? But this would be much less esthetically pleasing,  much less attractive and at the end might actually not work at all.

Here are two  project examples, which use the « fun factor » to encourage desirable behavior (and which are not part of the DPPI conference) by adding a metaphor to an object. The Fun Theory is a competition gathering such projects.

The Piano Stairs
The World’s Deepest Garbage Bin