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Lundi 9 février 2009

Here is an interesting suite of visual tools called Aviary, offered as a Web 2.0 service and mimicking the most popular visual design tools of the day, Adobe’s Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop etc.). The Illustrator version is called Raven and provides a rather nicely designed, clear interface, using, obviously, mostly the same metaphors and mechanisms as the Adobe application. Also the ‘Photoshop’ version, called Phoenix, looks like a good alternative to GIMP, a free open source software used by those who want Photoshop at home but do not want to pay the price. Tucan allows you to create color pallets by mixing or from an image, including the possibility to preview the pallet in color deficiency mode (as seen by those who are color-blind). The interface is very clear and high-tech, although I must admit that the overly visible glossy effect on the buttons makes them hard to read.