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Following the flow

Vendredi 17 avril 2009

Any interaction designer knows that there is really nothing new under the sun and that in our profession you should pick out the best from what has already been done. Now we have a very useful tool for this called, boringly, Product Planner. It’s a gallery of « flows » (workflow, user flow, interaction chart) from major successful websites for us to learn from. The flows can be used to build your own. The interface is clear, straightforward and fluid. In short, one of those tools that are a true delight.
An interaction flow does not always explain why a website becomes successful, too many other factors are involved. However, a successful website « promotes » its flow, and the more successful a site is, the greater the chance the users will get used to its way of working and quickly recognize (and follow) its flow on a different website, thus making it first into a « best practice » and eventually a web standard.