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« Who took my iPad? It’s grandma again! »

Vendredi 23 avril 2010

Here are two interesting examples of how the newest technology can be used to improve the daily life for people in advanced age, when cognitive abilities decline and performing the most common tasks becomes increasingly difficult. Theo i2Home project aims at connecting everything in an elder’s person home to give this person easier control over his environment and take care of that person’s safety, health and well-being. It is useful for people of advanced age but also for people with disabilities. In one of the solutions we see a large TV screen with a simple remote control, installed in the kitchen – the place where many tasks are difficult for elderly and disabled people as they have to handle electronic appliances and not forget to switch off the stove. Another approach shown in the video is a stand-alone touchscreen console. I would be curious to know which solution the users actually prefer?
And here is an example of a 99-old lady who is again able to read books – her favorite pass-time – thanks to an iPad.
Next time you feel like making a joke about your grandmother and some new gadget, think twice. It might be just what your grandmother needs!

iPad eBook

iPad eBook

Perch: computer for the olders

Vendredi 30 janvier 2009

A beautiful computer concept, that reminds me kid games we used to play to discover new things. It’s pretty sharp from Sylvia Spencer to focus the concept on discoverability instead of usual usability standards.