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One Wave to sweep them all?

Vendredi 29 mai 2009

With the announcement of Google’s new communication and collaboration platform Wave the expression « surfing the net » gets a new meaning. This article (in French) explains in detail what Wave will mean and do for those who already use Gmail, GTalk and all those so nice other G-applications.

One thing I always liked about Google is that, as an outsider, I can see that the company is never betting on a single horse, but develops many different things by many different groups, trying, playing, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, but then again, a failure is never really a failure if you learn something from it. They also let the users play with their products as they develop them and this gives you an impression of being let into their play garden. The consequence is having different interfaces, with different visual styles,  coming from different hands, but this is exactly what I like. Now, with the Wave, it looks like Google did not resist the temptation of making an application to « do it all ». In the startup world this is probably the worst thing to do, but Google is not a startup and with the mountain of things they have tried and proved worthwhile so far the Wave will probably become a success. And it is a very logical step. If you had Gmail, GTalk, Picasa and YouTube already under your roof, it would be silly to not at some point merge them all in one seamless whole for the user. This is, in short, what Wave does. Besides, it somewhat resembles Facebook newsfeed, incorporating also the social aspect. And add to this Google Docs and voila, you have covered most of online collaboration.

I think they hit the target with the word « Wave », because hardly any term describes so well what the world around us is about: ever-changing and ever-moving. The screenshots looks still somewhat overwhelming visually, but let’s wait and see.